Kristen & Frank

I feel so fortunate to have such a lovely and rewarding job. It is a lot of work and preparation but when it comes together so seamlessly, and I see a crowd of smiling faces (especially the bride and groom) it's so worth it. Kristen and Frank were absolute pleasures to work with. And such a gorgeous couple!


The weather for the wedding could not have been more perfect. The space the venue had outdoors for the ceremony was quaint and peaceful.


The flowers, decor, and food stations (including outdoor s'mores!) were all elegant and unique and a big hit with the guests!

Kristen and Frank really paid attention to detail as they were planning their wedding. Check out the following gallery for ideas that will no doubt be posted and Repinned on Pinterest in no time!

Congratulations again to Kristen and Frank on their special day!


Fairy Princess Garden Birthday

It was recently my pleasure to help create this simple yet sophisticated birthday party for a little fairy princess. One of the greatest aspects of my job is helping families spend time together making memories. Dharma, Dhruvi's mommy, had great concepts of how she wanted the party to look. The end product was a success! Look how precious Dhruvi is on her big day!


I think she was a big fan of her wings.


The venue for this fairy princess themed garden party was absolutely perfect. It took place on the large, front lawn of a small private school. The trees and grass made the ideal setting for the white tables and soft, colorful decor. 


Dharma wanted to make this event as family friendly as possible, so we we purposely picked a place with a large lawn. There was plenty of space for all the children to run around, and for the parents to socialize. Many of the children got a lot of healthy exercise that day jumping in the bouncy house. 

It would be a travesty not to mention the amazing food that day. Dharma picked most of these desserts off Pinterest boards. She did an outstanding job!


The kids had a great time playing in the bounce house. I'm not sure who had more fun? The kids playing musical chairs or the adults who were watching!

musical chairs

What a pleasure it was working with such an incredible family. I can't wait to do it again next year! Thank you to the Godhwani Family and all of their wonderful guests for making Dhruvi's birthday party such a lovely and delightful affair!

 The Godhwani Family

The Godhwani Family

Unique Parties and Events For Those Who Love to Host

As a professional event planner, I live to play the role of hostess. I love what I do; especially helping others create, plan and execute their events. I also love planning my own parties. It goes without saying that part of the excitement I get during the holidays is simply brainstorming ideas. I love to bake, cook and decorate, and I spend a lot of time scouring the internet for pictures and recipes. During the rest of the year, however, when I’m not planning someone else’s event, I often get the urge to create and host something of my own. Thus, here are a few great ideas for not-so-traditional events you can host any time of year!

 Charity/Fundraising Events

Since my background is in non-profit, I have a passion for helping to spread awareness for special causes. One of the biggest and most effective forms of supporting your favorite charity is to host an event at your favorite venue or your home. Your charity event may include a theme, such as a poker tournament, tea luncheon, pool party or game day. This is a great way to invite your generous friends and colleagues to one location for a day of networking, socialization and philanthropy. It is a win for you, your guests and your favorite charity!

Gender Reveal Party

One would be hard-pressed to find someone who has never been to a traditional baby shower. But what about getting an intimate group of your friends and family together for a gender reveal party? This is such an exciting way to share the gender of your baby with your loved ones! No presents or party favors or games apply! I once attended a gender reveal bbq. It was great to see the expectant couple along with family and friends! After enjoying the delicious bbq grub, the parents-to-be cut into a pink velvet cake!

Perplex Your Palate Dinner Party

Dinner parties are among my favorite ways to spend time with my friends. I plan on turning my next dinner party into an interactive event. Each diner will receive a note card at their place setting. The game starts at the first bite! During each course, guests are invited to write down each individual ingredient they taste. I’m even going to work in a wine pairing to see who knows their pinots from their cabernets! This type of themed dinner party is great for my group, as we all love food and wine!

Don’t wait until the holidays to practice your hosting skills! Any one of the above – or many other – unique event ideas will add to your hosting experience.  Have fun selecting the perfect party for you and your friends. Check out Pinterest for décor. Visit your local flower warehouse to make your own arrangements. Add something interesting to your table settings, such as battery-powered Christmas lights. Most of all, have fun and cherish the time it will allow you to spend with others! You deserve an event as fabulous as you!